BVSA Teaches: Balance Beam for Load

BVSA Teaches: Balance Beam for Load

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about using the balance beam for load. Just like for the stance, we have the kids getting on this to establish a nice balanced stance, but we could also work the load here. It forces you to stay in balance. Some kids are going to do it really easily at first and some aren’t. You can put them on this beam and have them get into that balanced position. Then, begin to figure out what that move is that works for them. Being on this will keep you from rolling out here to far and will obviously keep you from going forward or back or else you’ll fall off. It will help the player understand that they really have to control this or else they’re going to fall down. So you can spend a lot of time here.

Correct Rotation

Here I’m holding the bat in one hand and get to the point where they’re holding the bat in two hands. They will be looking at the pitcher. You’re just working some type of a load here. Make sure you’re not overrotating, you’re not going too far back, your head is staying over your bellybutton. You’re getting this back hip loaded and there’s a little bit of a turn in your hip. You’re showing the bottom of your shoe to the pitcher, not just up and down. This doesn’t actually address the up and down, they can do it up and down and be in good balance. We want to get that knee turned in just a little bit, show the bottom of the shoe to the pitcher. And again, work this until they get it before you move on to the transfer.

BVSA Teaches: Balance Beam for Lo

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