BVSA Teaches: Introduction to Outfield w/ Mike Abate

BVSA Teaches: Introduction to Outfield w/ Mike Abate

On this episode of BVSA Teaches is an introduction to outfield w/ Mike Abate. Hey guys, in today’s video we are going to talk to you guys about outfield play. We get it, we understand it. The younger levels outfield play can be extremely boring. A lot of those guys that play out there, when you go to watch the little league games, you go to watch the t-ball games, those are usually the kids standing here like this staring up at the clouds or pulling weeds. 

But the older they get, the higher levels they play, the outfield position becomes so much fun to play. I think that your better athletes on the baseball field do play the outfield. Call me biased because I was an outfielder at the pro level. Going through these next couple clips, we’re going to be breaking down each outfield segment, how to catch a ball, footwork, all these good things to help you guys in your lessons and help you guys implement it into your teaching. Stay tuned.

BVSA Teaches: Introduction to Outfield w/ Mike Abate.

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