Aurora Levesque – First County Bank October Athlete of the Month

Aurora Levesque, a standout talent in softball for the Lady Titans and St. Luke’s Varsity Softball, has been rightfully named the First County Bank Athlete of the Month for October by BVSA. Her journey in sports is a testament not just to her exceptional skills on the field but also to her resilience and determination to excel.

Reflecting on her experiences, Aurora shares a valuable lesson from softball, “You are going to fail more times than you are going to succeed, and that is how you get better as an athlete.” This mindset highlights the importance of learning from challenges, a principle that has been central to her success.

Aurora’s future aspirations are as ambitious as her current achievements. She aims to continue her softball career at the college level and hopes to inspire future generations through coaching. Her dedication to the sport extends beyond personal success, emphasizing her commitment to the growth and development of softball.

To younger athletes at BVSA, Aurora offers profound advice: “Give everything they do their all, whether that is in athletics or academics because the hard work will pay off.” She underscores the joy and fulfillment that come from dedication to sports and academics.

Her coach, Elizabeth “Beezer” Joseph, praises Aurora as “the definition of a workhorse,” highlighting her consistent dedication and recent significant improvements. Beezer notes Aurora’s standout performance, especially her impressive showing at the East Hartford tournament where she hit .556, going 5 for 9 with 2 singles and 3 triples. Furthermore, Aurora finished the fall season with a remarkable .583 batting average, going 7 for 12.

Beezer also speaks highly of Aurora’s team spirit, citing her competitive nature and the respect she garners from teammates. Aurora’s consistent support and unique cheering style make her a valued team member.

Being recognized as the First County Bank Athlete of the Month is a fitting accolade for Aurora Levesque, a reflection of her hard work, dedication, and team spirit. Her achievements, underscored by impressive stats and a strong character, serve as an inspiration to young athletes. Aurora’s journey shows that with passion and perseverance, success in both sports and life is within reach.