BVSA Teaches: 3-Ball Drill

BVSA Teaches: 3-Ball Drill

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Mike Abate talks about the 3-ball drill. Hey there, this next drill is designed for outfielders to catch balls hit over their heads. The first thing you want to work on is the proper drop step. Make sure that the outfielder gains distance on their first throw by dropping first, instead of prepping and then dropping. For younger players, you can work on the drop step while they catch the ball over their shoulder and open up to throw. Progress the drill by turning it into a two or three-ball drill.

It’s important to teach outfielders to turn and run to a spot instead of just running at a ball. Especially because the ball can be slicing or hooking. The earlier they can get comfortable taking their eyes off the ball and running to spots, the better they’ll perform and the more ground they’ll cover. In the drill, make sure to emphasize whipping their head around to get to another ball in flight.

The video demonstrates a three-ball drill progression where the outfielder gains depth and distance with a proper drop step. The athlete takes his eyes off the ball for the first two or three steps and then gets them back on the ball. Make sure to teach them to run with their arms up and work their arms to create better movement with their legs.

The progression can be adjusted to include one, two, or three balls. It’s important to have the outfielder look at the instructor or become comfortable taking their eyes off the ball. Whipping the head around is crucial in this drill as it helps the body follow. Lastly, try to throw the ball up before the outfielder gets their head around to pick up the ball.

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