BVSA Teaches: Balance Disk Drill for Baseball

BVSA Teaches: Balance Disc Drill for Baseball

For this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about the balance disc drill for baseball. Alright guys, so we talked about the stance and that’s the beginning of the whole swing and getting into a balanced stance. Now when you start working with some of these younger kids, especially in our BAP programs, some of these kids have no idea how to get into that pyramid stance. My favorite drill to teach a kid how to get into a proper stance is to use the balance discs. So you get the balance discs, and we have them throughout the facility. Put the balance discs down somewhere in relation to the plate to give them an idea of what they’re doing. If they have no idea of their width you should get the discs to shoulder width apart or slightly more. So many kids just want to stand up straight or stand with their feet so close together.

Different Stances

So as soon as you put them on the balance discs, start off doing it straight on. If they’re a kid that naturally wants to stand with an open stance, you can do that too. As soon as you get on the balance discs, you’ll see the little kids struggle to keep their balance. What happens is they start to get that feel in here of their weight being inside their legs. This is that pyramid feel that we are looking for. Alright, that is really the best way to do it. The discs are great, get them on there. If you can also get the mirror that we have and put the mirror over here in front of them so they can look at what they look like in that stance when they’re fighting to keep their balance. Okay, and especially for the younger kids who don’t get it right away, do it every lesson that you have with them or at the beginning of every BAP or as a station in BAP’s so just keep repeating it until they understand that balance position and they really lock into it, okay.

BVSA Teaches: Balance Disc Drill for Baseball

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