BVSA Teaches: Baserunning from 3rd Base

BVSA Teaches: Baserunning from 3rd Base

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about baserunning from 3rd base. Hey guys, today we’re talking specifically from third base. One thing that I haven’t mentioned on all the other bases and this is really, really important and this is another tool to throw your players to have in their toolbox. You’ve got to pay attention to the pitcher and his tendencies, his release point, and you could get really good jumps on bad pitches just by watching the pitcher’s release point. So you’re watching him, he’s throwing a lot of curveballs or a lot of sliders or a lot of dirt balls in general, you can kind of tell from his release point that he let go of that ball way too late and that’s really good chances of being a spiked ball that the catcher is not going to be able to stop. 

Being aggressive with your footwork, be aggressive anticipating that you’re going to take another base. The same thing when it’s up. Guys throwing high, throwing balls to the backstop, pay attention to his release point a little bit, give yourself every advantage you can. So now, especially at third base, you know you can taste it now, your whatever field you’re playing on that many feet away from scoring.

Coaching and Foul Territory

Alright, so third base, your third base coach here is giving you instructions and I’ve coached third base a lot my life and usually tell your player with less than two outs, whatever you’re choosing to do whether you’re playing contact and they’re going on any ball hit on the ground, that’s up to you in that particular situation but you’re teaching them that they need to freeze on the line and tag on a ball in the air. Of course you’ll tell them, they’ll take their lead, there will be a fly ball, and there they go. Let’s hope you’re really going to hammer that home. That when they’re on third base with less than two outs, they have to tag on a fly ball.

Okay, so your lead at third base has to be in foul territory. If the hitter hits a ball and unfortunately hits the baserunner, it’s going to hurt. But, in foul territory you’re not out, in fair territory you are. So when you take your lead, you need to be watching the pitcher, he’s the only guy that can get you out. At some of the younger ages, the third baseman will hold you on which is really weird. At the higher levels, there will be nobody holding you on but you should know where the third baseman is. You can take a peek back to see where he is. After that it is just between you and the pitcher. You’re watching his arm slot, not many pick offs at third but you have to look for the pickoffs. For more information, click the video below!

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