BVSA Teaches: Bat Dummy Drill

BVSA Teaches: Bat Dummy Drill

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about the bat dummy drill. Hey guys, another good drill for contact. Here I am with my buddy, my college roommate, my Demi. Let’s get plenty and separate, all right? I love this. Now, it’s tough to do with just your student in you. You usually need somebody to hold this, or you need to put this against the wall. But I love this for contact point because, again, so many times, kids are reaching out to hit the ball way too far out here.

If you put this dummy here, we have a little baseball drawn on here. Give them an idea of this is where your contact point is on that particular pitch. Figure out what it feels like when you’re in that position. Firm front side, your head’s in behind this, your arms are still bent, and then you pull it in. Meanwhile, maybe move it out just a little bit, and make them understand that they have to get over to this and get the barrel of that on the ball to keep it fair. 

Same thing with the outside pitch, but when they’re hitting this really hard again, somebody has to hold it, or you put it up against the wall, they really get the feel of where their body is, and again, if you take some videos and show them where their body is versus where they’re making contact on the ball that’s traveling, that might click for them and get, we’re doing everything we can to make it click. Hook yourselves.

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