BVSA Teaches: Golf Grip – Baseball Throw

BVSA Teaches: Golf Grip - Baseball Throw

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about the golf grip – baseball throw. Here is a good drill to help a student understand extension through the ball without getting all tied up and rolling over. Start by getting into a golf grip with an interlock. Basically, you’ll interlock your pointer finger of your left hand and your pinky of your right hand (for righties). Next, you’ll hold the ball like you’re in a normal throwing position in baseball. Then get into your stance and load, transfer, and fire, throwing the ball straight back out to the pitcher. 

The key is to focus on getting a nice extension through the ball. You’re not trying to manipulate it or throw it with just your arm. Meanwhile, if you feel the ball going too far to the left or too low and right, or even into the ground, it’s a sign that something is going wrong with your extension. This immediate feedback can be really helpful for students to understand the importance of extension. Hopefully, this drill will be helpful for you and your student.

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