BVSA Teaches: Two Tee – Two Ball Drill

BVSA Teaches: Two Tee - Two Ball Drill

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about the two tee – two ball drill. Hey guys, another good drill for extension through the ball and contact actually is a two tee drill. Multiple tees can be used for a lot of different teachings. This is tough, it’s hard because you’re hitting two balls. Sometimes you can just do it with one ball, just tell them to hit the tee. But the idea is to remember, we’ve got to get you to make contact, arms are bent, firm front side. This stays true no matter where that pitch is, and then you extend through the ball. Too many guys will finish and roll over.

Staying In The Zone

The greatest hitters in the world get to the zone quickly, and then they stay in the zone a little bit longer because timing is so difficult. If our bats are in and out of the zone and we slightly mistime the pitch, we’re going to miss it. If our bats are in the zone, it allows for little mistakes. So getting to actually hitting these balls, hitting that ball and staying through it to hit the next one. The second tee should always be higher because you’re finishing through and up. There’s plenty of great hitters that finish a little lower. However, for the purposes of teaching, we want them to understand that when that back elbow drops into the slot, you get on plane with the ball. You’re coming through the ball on an upward angle. Oftentimes, this two tee drill works for the kid and it clicks.

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