BVSA is excited to introduce the Bobby Valentine’s Training Lab. Bobby Valentine and his team are rebranding the BV Training Lab at Bobby Valentine’s Sports Academy (BVSA)! BVT Lab is now the official strength and conditioning program of BVSA’s 40,000 square foot facility.

Since moving to our new location in March of 2017, BVSA has been very fortunate to have tremendous trainers in our gym, working with our athletes.  They have each had a proven track record in making athletes and individuals bigger, faster, stronger and healthier resulting in improved performance on the playing field and a better lifestyle for non athletes.  

Originally a part of the AAD team, Renick Jeune and Carrington Beckford transitioned into their own partnership, Overdrive Elite Performance.  They  continued to gain the trust of our community and beyond.   As Overdrive continued to grow and help athletes reach their goals, the partners also had their own goals and have decided to pursue their individual goals separately.  

Carrington is going to carry on the Overdrive name moving forward in nearby locations while Renick will now become the leader of the BV Training Lab at BVSA, along with Mike Statuti.  The BVT Lab will be proprietary to BVSA, personally created by Renick and his team along with Bobby Valentine and our many resources.  It was originally the goal of BVSA to own and operate BVSA Fitness but the transition to our new, much larger space in 2017 created many challenges on it’s own.  We now believe the timing is perfect for us to transition into our own fitness culture. 

We are very excited for the BVT Lab and what it will offer our athletes and non athletes.  Using a scientific approach to training, the BVT Lab lines up perfectly with the mission at BVSA: Inform, Instruct and Inspire.  If you or anyone you know is looking to run faster, hit harder or just have a healthier lifestyle, the BVT Lab is the place for you.  

“Renick and Mike really know how the body works and it shows in their programming.  It has been fun to see them help shape some great athletes.  The adult training they have developed has been a hit as well.  We are excited to see how their formulas will continue to crank out high end results.” said Anthony Conte. 

BVT Lab will be joining a group of great organizations that have already made BVSA their home.  First County Bank, YB Realty, Instant Replay Sporting Goods, CT City Lax, JA Elite Soccer, NC Rams, Lady Titans, BVSA Fury and so many others are all under one roof with the same mission: to help provide opportunities for future generations to live healthy and fulfilled lives! 

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Anthony Conte

Anthony Conte

Writer and Editor