Frank Ramppen - Managing Partner & Founder of Ramp 3 Baseball
Frank Ramppen

Frank is a long time friend and business associate of Bobby V.  Frank first garnered Bobby’s attention as an excellent baseball player at Rippowam High School.   Following his high school career Frank walked onto the team at University of Tampa, won a starting spot, and eventually became the teams captain.  From Tampa, Frank moved onto a career as a professional baseball player in the Minnesota Twins Organization where he earned the nickname “Scald” from team mate, and future Hall-of-Famer, Kirby Puckett.  Upon retirement from pro baseball, Frank started working for Bobby Valentine’s Spots Gallery Cafe and became GM, where he and Bobby had many years of success (and continue to today).  In 2004, Frank began his professional coaching career in Japan for the Chiba Lotte Marines.  As the infield coach for the team, all four of his infielders received gold gloves, a first ever in the Japanese Nippon League that promotes defense over all other aspects of the game.  The team enjoyed great success under Bobby and Frank and reached the pinnacle of success, winning the Japan Series and the Asian Series in 2005.

Frank returned from Japan with a greater knowledge and passion for teaching than when he had left and promptly began giving lessons at BVSA.  Eventually, he took control of company wide operations and the business has exploded.  Under his leadership, BVSA continues to grow it’s reputation for great educational services and consistent teaching methods that produce results.

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