BVSA Teaches: 6-4-3 Shortstop Feed

BVSA Teaches: 6-4-3 Shortstop Feed

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about the 6-4-3 shortstop feed. Okay, so there are a couple of different ways to do this. Obviously it changes based on where the ball is hit. If it is to your left you will get down in a nice low position and stay there when flipping the baseball to second. When flipping the ball you will keep moving with it afterwards. Be smart with the power of the flip, especially when you are closer to the bag. If you are farther away, you will need a little more behind it. 

Another important part of this feed is where you should keep your glove. You do not want to block the second basemans view of the ball when preparing to flip. The ball should be in your hand giving a clear view for your teammate to catch and make a throw. The biggest take away from this is that we always want to have movement through the ball. This also means fielding these ground balls slightly left of center. 

Groundballs Hit in the Hole

If there is a ball that is hit in the hole to our right, we want to get our body there. If you do not need to backhand it, you will actually be fielding the ball on the right side of your body. This way you can get the ball out quickly. Meanwhile, you will properly shift your weight when throwing the ball sidearm to the second baseman. 

When you are forced to make a backhand play you will have to plant your right foot to get your energy going towards the target. There’s also the famous Derek Jeter play where you jump off your left foot to make the throw to second. These are all of the basic, standard moves that we want to teach correctly!

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