BVSA Teaches: Double Play Footwork for Shortstops

BVSA Teaches: Double Play Footwork for Shortstops

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about double play footwork for shortstops. Okay, so shortstops turning a double play from either the second or first baseman. The footwork is a little different but the concept is the same. You want to attack the ball and move towards the guy who has it. You want to get the angle so that the ball is going directly towards you. 

For positioning, you want to be pinching towards the middle. This means two steps in and two steps toward the bag. You can’t be too far where you are just getting there in time to get that out and not able to make the throw. You’ll start your baby steps as you get close as not to get there too early. The only time you want to be at the base waiting for the ball is if you have no chance at the second out. The footwork will be sliding to the back corner of the bag and you drag your right foot.

Different Scenarios

The higher the level of play becomes, the more you will have to make sure you are getting out of the way. A ball up the middle will give you a much different angle at the bag. You have to keep those feet moving and angle yourself towards first once you receive the ball. Receiving a ball from the first baseman is much easier. You can get around the bag and go straight through back to first. If you want the throw inside the baseline, you will have to make that adjustment. This means you will get your left foot to the inside of the bag as to avoid the runner. 

Lastly, there is the situation where it is a groundball to you. First off, you need to make sure you call the second baseman off. You won’t need to go to the back corner of the bag with your right foot. Instead, you’re going to use the front of the bag to protect yourself. You will start your throw before the bag and then land with your left foot on the bag once releasing the ball. Teach it right boys and girls.

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