BVSA Teaches: Getting out of the Batters Box

BVSA Teaches: Getting out of the Batters Box

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about getting out of the batters box. Hey guys, in this video, we’re going to talk about baserunning, specifically getting out of the batter’s box and running through first base on a ground ball and the turn to make at first base when the ball gets away. 

First of all, getting out of the batter’s box, I don’t think there’s any real teach other than to have balance. Our main objective when we’re in the batter’s box hitting is to hit the ball as hard as we can somewhere and get on base. So balance is what we teach from our stance throughout our entire sequence. Our dynamic balance. Right after we take our swing and make contact, some little kids have to be taught not to throw the bat. They’re in such a hurry to get that swing out of their hand, and they end up throwing the bat and hitting the catcher. So, some drills are needed to ensure that they know that they have to finish their swing and drop the bat.

Opposite Arm, Opposite Leg: BVSA's Guide to Proper Running Position

Obviously, you make your swing, make your contact, and put the bat back down. The key is to get into your runner’s position as quickly as you can right after. That is opposite arm, opposite leg, in a good athletic position, not standing up too tall. Different swings are definitely going to have slightly different positions. Meanwhile, we have to get into that running position as quickly as we can in line.

It’s important to run in a proper line. If you run too far inside the baseline and not in that little box that’s halfway or three-quarters of the way down the baseline, and the catcher throws and hits you, you could be called out for interference. So we have to make sure that we run in a proper line. Sometimes you may take your swing and you’re too far out at first. You have to get towards the line and in that proper track running in as athletic a position as you possibly can.

Now, we’re going to talk about the two different ways to work through the bag. We’re out of the box in a good sprinter’s position, running down the box on line down the line. We’re inside where that box is normally. We don’t want to be out here. We’re running down the line as hard as we can. We’re not watching the ball. Many little kids, as soon as they get out of the box, they’re watching the ball. Keep your eyes straight.

The first base coach will take care of what they need to do with that ball. So many kids watch the ball, and that’s a very important teach. Head up, running through the bag, we want to touch the front of the bag as we come through. We want to catch the front of the bag over here, away from the first baseman to avoid contact. Try to time it and make sure that you’re catching the front of the bag, not stopping. Continue your acceleration, and then your break down over here, always looking over your shoulder.

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