BVSA Teaches: Modified Skater Lunge Drill

BVSA Teaches: Modified Skater Lunge Drill

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about the modified skater lunge drill. Here’s another interesting drill that could be used for several different things. For some kids, it may not even work, but it’s worked for others. You don’t need the bat for some kids. Some will have a tough time with their load and feeling where their weight needs to be. Also, their transfer and feeling where their weight needs to be is important. Understanding that fire and that use of the ground getting off that backside and rotating. I just have them drop the bat, get in a nice athletic stance while keeping their head right over their belly button. You don’t want them rocking back and forth. Just have them hop on the balls of their feet back and forth so all your weight stays in here.

Rocking Method for Feel

Now, obviously, this doesn’t happen in the swing, but when you are going back, that’s kind of how you should feel when you get down before your load. And when you get forward, that’s kind of where you’re getting to when you transfer. Also, if you do it a little bit more explosively, it’s kind of like the feel of getting off your back foot. So that’s not really what happens during the swing. For a kid who really can’t get the feeling of transferring that weight while staying balanced, I just have them hop back and forth to get that feel. You try everything you can to get the kid to feel what they need to feel.

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