BVSA Teaches: Tee Base Drill

BVSA Teaches: Tee Base Drill

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about the tee base drill. Okay, so here’s a drill or device mechanism to help you get that lower half and backside going. We did our load, we did our transfer and got our hands are in the right position. Now we get our body in the right position, and we really want to explode off that back foot and rotate the body, getting that energy going up and into the hips. It’s all one big thing, not just up; it’s an explosion. Pushing off the ground with that backside that goes that way and up and through, beginning the whole rotation.

Some of the kids have a tough time really getting off that backside and making that happen. One of the things that I like to use is the base of our tees. You want to get their heel on it, not too much, but their heel on it, and their toe has to be on the ground. It just kind of gives them a little bit more of a kickstart to get going, rather than being totally flat. You still have to push off of that tee and fire and get things rotating and going upward.

Using A Baseball

With just that little bit of an angle, you can also do it with a baseball. We’ve done it many times where you just put a baseball under your heel just to get that whole thing going. In conjunction with that, I’ve also done this many times. Try this, but be careful. Talk to the kid, tell them what you’re going to do. While he’s here and he’s trying to get the feel for that and he’s not really exploding and firing off that, you get down on the ground behind them and get your hand underneath his foot, and you actually push and fire and let him feel that explosive move, rather than that old school where kids just kind of spin and squish the bug and rotate around their body. So use the tee, the base of the tee, or if you’ve got to get down there, but maybe give the younger kids a wiffle ball bat when you do that.

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