BVSA Teaches: One Handed Swing (Small Bat)

BVSA Teaches: One Handed Swing (Small Bat)

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about the one handed swing (small bat) drill. Hey guys, here’s a short training session on a drill called the back one-handed swing. I prefer, and I think most people prefer, the left-handed version of this drill. This drill is useful for plenty of things, mostly for working on the bat path and staying inside the ball. Many times, when kids swing, their hands tend to go out, causing their swing to be too big and circular. Basically, this drill is designed to teach them to keep their hands inside the barrel. They’ll want to hit the ball up the middle or the other way with the proper bat path.

Make sure the kids stand up to the plate in their normal stance and distance away from the plate. Meanwhile, their backs both facing the side. Get in there nice and tight and stay behind the ball, transfer your weight, and get the barrel to the ball. For the right-handed swing, I don’t like this much because I think almost everybody tends to roll over their wrists on contact. If you want to make sure you’re doing it right, you’ve got to stay through the ball with your palm up and drive it. But everybody wants to hit the ball hard, so their first instinct is to roll over.

Overall, this drill is great for working on bat path and contact.

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