BVSA Teaches: Turning Two as a Second Baseman

BVSA Teaches: Turning Two as a Second Baseman

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about turning two as a second baseman. Alright guys, I want to get everyone on the same page. I’ve been observing our practices over the past few weeks and noticed some mistakes in how our players execute the Double Play at second base. I want to ensure that you are all teaching it correctly. Let’s go through the key points.

First, let’s talk about positioning. In a Double Play situation, our players need to pinch towards the middle. As a general rule, take two steps in and two steps over, but adjustments can be made based on the hitter and their speed. Meanwhile, the goal is to come in and move slightly towards the back.

Now, let’s focus on the angle the second baseman takes to the bag. It depends on where the ball is hit. If the ball is hit towards the shortstop, the second baseman should come into the bag with hands up, ready to receive the throw on a straight line. Obviously, we don’t want them positioned like a wide receiver in a pass play. On the other hand, if the ball is hit towards the third baseman, the second baseman should angle in towards the third baseman, again to make the throw easier for the person throwing it.

Sequence to the Bag

When approaching the bag, remember the sequence: left, right, left. Come in hard but take small steps if necessary to wait for the throw and determine its direction. The right foot plays a crucial role in changing direction towards the target. It stops the momentum and allows for a throw in the desired direction. Adjust the footwork based on the throw location and hit type.

Consider the runner’s speed and use the bag as a defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt. For slow runners, left, right, left is sufficient. However, for faster runners, you might need to adjust and go back towards the base.

All these different moves – left, right, left – lead to different areas around the base. It’s essential to make the second baseman aware of the foot positioning when crossing the bag. The ankle bone should face the target, so adjustments may be necessary to make accurate throws. We draw an arc around the bag to visualize where the foot should angle, ensuring proper throwing angles.

In summary, our goal is to help players reach their full potential. By teaching these techniques effectively, we can improve both individual players and our teams as a whole. Good luck!

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