BVSA Teaches: How to Take a Throw from the Catcher

BVSA Teaches: How to Take a Throw from the Catcher

On this episode of BVSA Teaches, Frank Ramppen talks about how to take a throw from the catcher. Okay, here’s a big debate for shortstops and second basemen. Should you straddle the bag or be out in front of it when receiving throws from the catcher? The way I learned from Bobby Valentine, and after discussing it with him recently, we confirm that straddling the bag is the correct approach.

Being out in front of the bag for a bad throw may seem like a good idea. However, our focus should be on the catcher making a good throw and us making an easy tag. The problem with being out in front is that baserunners can slide to the back corner of the bag. The time it takes to catch the ball and swipe the tag is not very efficient. Meanwhile, if the ball traveled and we caught it at the bag and immediately put the tag down there is a much better chance of an out. It often looks like we’re chasing the tag, which is not desirable. Straddling the bag and dropping the tag appears quicker and gives the impression that the runner is out.


One concern raised during our discussion was getting tied up on a bad throw and needing to get out of the way while the runner is coming in. In that case, the shortstop or second baseman, who are typically top athletes on the team, need to get out of there and try to swipe the bag to position themselves for the play. It doesn’t mean they have to stay in that position. However, that is the way we teach it here is for middle infielders to straddle the bag and drop the tag.

Another point to consider is how difficult it is for a second baseman to come in and get in front of the bag while knowing its exact position. Straddling the bag provides a clear reference point, just like we teach at first base.

That’s the approach we teach here at Bobby Valentine Sports Academy. Remember, straddle the bag, drop the tag, and know where the bag is. Keep up the good work, both guys and girls.

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