BVSA Sports Show: Episode 10

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 10

BVSA Sports Show: Episode 10

Joe: Do you have any thoughts on what you just showed?

Frank: That’s it. You think that announcer was going nuts…you should have seen us.

Zack: My legs started shaking. Hands and knees on the ground.

Frankie: I think that was by far the craziest thing I’ve ever seen happen at a live sport event in my life for sure. So I went from thinking that we’re blowing another 14 point lead, another double-digit lead, to we’re gonna go to overtime. To Rhamondre Stevenson is going to take this ball to the endzone. Jakobi Meyers gets it and he throws it right to Chandler Jones out of nowhere.

Zack: Keelan Cole was in to. Wasn’t on the board but they showed the replay later on and he was in. A guy recorded the dirt in the endzone after and he was clearly in.

Frank: Unfortunately, Frankie was born December 4th, 2001, a month and 15 days before the Tuck Rule game happened, so we’ve only had two 500 or winning seasons since they’ve been alive.

Zack: And our quarterback broke his leg on Christmas Eve for one of them.

Frank:  By the way going to Oakland for a Raiders game is a lot different than going to Vegas for a Raiders game. What do you think the number was? Had to be like 60/40 patriots to raiders fans. They don’t sell their tickets to the visitors in Oakland. One year in Vegas I guess they apparently do that. If that play happened in Oakland, there would have been riots and people all over the streets.So back to this, we pick up Carson Palmer, so we’re all pumped up, thinking it’s going to be a big deal. So we go to Oakland, we’re playing the Chiefs. We didn’t get to clap, we didn’t get to stand up. There were seven interceptions in the game. They threw two pick sixes, one by Bulger and then Carson Palmer came in the second, throwing four picks for seven. These guys were like shell-shocked. They’ve never been to a Raider game. We go to five more. We go to one on his 10th birthday.

Zack: The most annoying fan base of all time. The chants they do in the stadium are absurd.

Frankie: I’m 21 years old now. That was my 10th birthday. They scored 34 points unanswered to start that game, and I can recite the entire Miami Dolphins fight song right now.

Frank: After six losses of live games, I’ve seen many heartbreaking losses in our house or wherever we are, at school. We finally got a crazy fun game to root for this past weekend.

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