Diego Miranda – Coach of the Month of July

Diego Miranda is a seasoned professional coach for JA Elite Soccer Academy. He brings passion and experience to his role in nurturing young soccer talent. His journey begins from a budding player in Ecuador to a respected coach in the United States.

Early Years and Education

Diego Miranda’s journey started in Quito, Ecuador. He sharpen his skills in the youth system of DU which is one of the top professional soccer clubs in the country. His commitment and talent paved the way for a major opportunity when he moved to the US in 2004.
He earned a coveted soccer scholarship to Dominican College in New York. There he played NCAA Division II soccer from 2005 to 2008. His contributions were vital in securing CACC Championships from the college during the 2005 and 2006 seasons. He showcased his power and talent both on and off the field.
In 2009, Diego graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He demonstrated his ability to balance academic distinction with athletic achievement.

Coaching Career and Achievements

Diego’s coaching journey started in 2014 when he joined JA Elite Soccer. He had U.S. Soccer Federation National ‘F’, 4v.4, and 11v.11 grassroots coaching licenses. He started a mission to deliver his knowledge and passion for soccer to the next generation and young soccer players. He also completed the USSF Coaching Youth Module and had a US Futsal Federation coaching license which showed his dedication to continuous learning.
His approach goes above and beyond technical skills. He also emphasizes physical fitness, teamwork, and mental resilience. Moreover, he is committed to the well-being of his players which is underscored by his First Aid/CPR certification.

Impact at JA Elite Soccer Academy

At JA Elite Soccer Academy, Diego plays an important role in shaping the soccer program of the academy. He aims to deliver a supportive and disciplined environment where athletes can thrive. Additionally, he is focused on improving individual skills and also emphasizes the importance and respect of game and sportsmanship.
JA Elite has seen notable achievements under his guidance. He also makes sure that everyone gets personalized attention to maximize their potential.

Mentorship and Future Goals

Other than coaching, Diego Miranda serves as a mentor and role model for striving young athletes. His journey from Ecuador to the US is an inspiration that hard work and dedication can unlock various opportunities for you in the sports world.
He continues to grow as a coach and explore new techniques and ways to amplify his coaching arsenal. Moreover, he ultimately wants to nurture talent, have a love for the game, and prepare the upcoming generation for soccer stars both on and off the field.
Through his comprehensive approach, he continues to shape the future of soccer at JA Elite Soccer Academy!