The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 12

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 12

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 12

Alrighty, hello everyone and welcome back to another week of the Bowie Valentine Sports show. I’m your host Frank Rampant, like always, and let’s get into another week two of the NFL season.

Now the NFL week two has been completed, a lot of weird teams that are started too and a lot of weird teams that have started 0-2 that people weren’t expecting. But let’s start with one of the craziest blocked field goals that I’ve ever seen in my entire life happened on Sunday night football, Patriots Dolphins in Foxboro. Dolphins are lining up to kick a field goal 17-3, they’re trying to expand their lead to 20-3 and they’re going to try to attempt a field goal. When you’re watching this field goal, take a look at the left side of your screen. Just take a look at the left side of your screen.

So they lineup for the field goal, here it is right here, snap the ball and out of nowhere this guy comes running off the field it looks like. Where did this guy come from? He just runs out of nowhere, blocks the kick. Patriots pick up the ball in Dolphin territory, but where did that guy come from? Let’s go back real quick at the beginning of this play. Everyone’s just standing here and this guy comes out of nowhere from the left side and dives and blocks the kick. Did he sub in? Where did he come from? Did he sub onto the field late? Where was this guy? He comes. So they show a replay and Bill Belichick, the savvy coach that he is, probably has a special team coach practicing this all the time. It was almost like, you know, when Troy Polamalu used to jump the snap count and sack the quarterback before he even could do anything about it. That’s what this looked like. This guy lined up like he was a gunner on a punt formation way over there and he comes flying in, times up the snap count perfectly, dives in, and blocks the field goal. Unbelievable effort there. Crazy play. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.

And after two weeks of NFL football, there are seven teams that are still undefeated. Two of them from the AFC, the Dolphins got that win against the Patriots on Sunday Night Football, and the Ravens beat the Bengals in Cincinnati. Joe Burrow still struggled, but the Ravens 2-0. Them and the Dolphins are the only two undefeated teams remaining in the AFC.

The NFC has five teams remaining that are undefeated. Two from the NFC East, the Cowboys and the Eagles. That Cowboys defense has looked exceptional. We talked about that last week in that crazy route against the Giants when they won 40 to nothing. Defense looks just as powerful as it did last week against the other New York team, the Jets. The 49ers are also 2-0, and then two teams from the NFC South. Don’t know how many people would have said that after two weeks. The Atlanta Falcons are 2-0, and the Baker Mayfield-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0. So let’s see how long these teams last at 2-0, but seven teams undefeated heading into week three.

And we’ll get into our play of the day segment. This was almost a play of the day, but then a not play of the day immediately afterwards. So if you guys didn’t see Denver and Washington played a great game on Sunday in Denver, went up early. Washington looked like they had nothing going on offense, and then out of nowhere came storming back to go ahead. Actually, Denver tied it up. Then Washington scored again. But in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter, with three seconds remaining, Washington up by eight points, Russell Wilson and the Broncos at the 50-yard line, last-second heave to the end zone looking for a Hail Mary, only chance they got. And the ball is batted around multiple times, pops up into the air, and it’s caught for a touchdown by the Broncos. So ball was commanders bat the ball down, bat the ball down, not up. Two defenders in their attempt looking like they’re trying to catch the ball, batted up in the air right to the goal line, right into the hands of Johnson for the touchdown. Oh, that last commander’s safety just tips it right up to the goal line, and great concentration there from Johnson to secure the catch and finish the touchdown.

So now down by eight, Broncos have to go for two to send this game to overtime. No time on the clock, this is the last play of the game, two-point conversion to tie the game. Best play in the playbook here from Sean Payton. This is your last chance to tie the game. Russ lines up in the shotgun, he’s going to take the snap looking right the entire time, throws right to Courtland Sutton, who is unable to come up with the catch. Broncos are complaining, they want the flag. Russ wants it, Courtland Sutton wants it. And if you look at this replay again, it looked as if the Washington cornerback was there a little bit early on the left shoulder of Courtland Sutton, kind of pulling him away from the ball, making it a little bit difficult for him to pull that down. Might have been a defensive pass interference that they missed, but nevertheless, as you see right there, commanders might have been a little bit early for that one, but the throw falls incomplete. Broncos lose by two after completing a Hail Mary-like play to tie the game, but nope. So for two weeks in Sean Payton’s new tenure as the Denver Broncos head coach, a lot of the same as last year. He had a lot of stuff to say before the season, a lot of stuff to say before we played the Raiders, and it hasn’t played out for him so far. So far, Broncos 0-2, and it’s looking like the same things as last year has happened. And what did I say last week? What did this team really change? They got Sean Payton. Yeah, he’s a good coach. I think Sean Payton’s a good coach, but I don’t think just changing your coach is going to turn around an entire franchise just like that. I don’t think that’s how it works.

For more about the start of the NFL season click the video below!

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