The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 15

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 15

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 15

Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show and we’re getting into the last week of the Major League Baseball season. The last week after six long months we have finally come to the last week of September and the last almost five days of the MLB season. Last weekend heading up to this week, this is being recorded on Wednesday, so last end of the week and the weekend, and we’re headed to the playoffs by next Tuesday. So very exciting stuff. The AL West race is out of control. The Rangers just took the divisional lead from the Houston Astros because the Astros got swept by the Royals. Yes, swept by the Royals, one of the two worst teams in the American League, and the Rangers swept the Mariners. So two sweeps in a huge tight AOS race to put a little bit of a gap between the three teams, but still, a lot can happen in this last week. We’re going to get into that. The National League Wild Card race has five teams that are still alive in it right now. The American League Wild Card race has four teams still alive, and we’ll talk all about all that crazy stuff going on now.

But before we get into that, we go into our Outfield play of the week, and this one was pretty special in a game earlier this week between the St Louis Cardinals and the San Diego Padres in San Diego. We all know that Fernando Tatis has been playing an excellent right field his first full season in the Outfield as a right fielder. He is playing gold glove caliber right field. He might even win a platinum glove. I’ve said that earlier, but we’re going to get into it right here Richie Palacios coming up for the Cardinals here. Excuse me, that’s not Richie Palacios. I don’t even know how that is, sorry. Cardinals are not having a good year, but he’s going to lift one high and deep to right field. Fernando back to the track to the wall sizes it up, leaps, and pulls back a home run that would have been over the fence about two or three feet. Look how far over the fence he Yanks this ball back from. What an unbelievable play from Tatis. He’s dancing around; he’s loving it. But oh my goodness, he’s done everything. He said it himself; he wanted to rob a home run. Look at that. He’s fully extended over the elbow, sizes up the wall, takes a quick peek. He’s got time. That ball was hit so high, leaps, makes a perfectly timed catch to take a home run away. Let’s take a look at this replay one more time. This slo-mo takes a quick peek and just unbelievable. That’s probably the best home run robbery of the year. Fernando, his first home run robbery as an outfielder, obviously, but unbelievable stuff from him. He might win the Platinum glove, which is crazy to think about after he was a shortstop, and everyone was giving him so much hate for having that terrible defensive year at shortstop, even though he was hitting a bunch of bombs. They moved him to center field for a little bit before he got suspended, and he was terrible. He was dropping routine fly balls; it was bad. It was bad. But this year has been a completely different story, and I mean good for him. Good for him.

Alright, so now we’ll jump into our game of the week segment.

For more from the final week of the MLB season click the video below!

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