The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 16

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 16

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 16

Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another episode of The Bobby Valentine Sport Show and I’m your host Frank Ramppen. We have finally come to the end of the MLB season, the regular season has come and gone, yesterday was the final Sunday of the regular season, today would be Monday October 2nd. We have the A’s played one game of October baseball because everyone did October 1st and now we’ll get into the real October baseball. But as the season wrapped up, a lot of storylines that happened post-season picture has been completed Legends leaving the game and a bunch of Milestones were reached in the last week of the season so we’re going to get into that now as this is going to be our sort of an end of the season recap post-season look ahead preview so we’re going to get right into it right now and we’ll start with the legends of the sport that we have lost.

Not um we’ll start with one that we’ve lost tragically Tim Wakefield passing the other day due to brain cancer tragic very sad to hear thoughts and prayers out to his wife who’s also suffering from pancreatic cancer so thoughts and prayers up to the Wakefield family. Tim Wakefield Legend one of the best knuckleballers of all time probably the best knuckleballer of all time unbelievable career he’s in the Hall of Fame so remember Tim Wakefield today in your thoughts. Speaking of Legends we’ll move on to the Legends who are moving on throughout the baseball world retiring out of their career and we’ll start with one of the greatest hitters in the history of the sport 3,000 hits, 500 home runs, he hit number 511 this week, over 300 career batting average there’s only three players in the history of baseball to do it: Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Miguel Cabrera. 

So Miggy retiring very emotional last home stand for him in Detroit sell out crowds for every game of the year probably their only sellouts of the entire season for every game for this last home stand for him and he actually was in his last at-bat he was walked on four pitches which was kind of unfortunate but of course Mickey the team guy he’s not swinging anything out of the Zone he’s taking his walk he’s going to go to first and I thought that they were going to pinch run for him and give him his like moment and like pinch run for him have him come off the field get a standing ovation is one last time but they kept him in ended up grounding into a double play. The next inning Miguel Cabrera went out to first base for the first time since 2021. Miguel Cabrera played first base for one batter and the second Pitch of the at-bay to Stephen Kwan who was that batter tops one over to First of course Miggy Scoops it up on the backhand holds up a finger runs over to first three unassisted then they take Miggy out his kids come on the field AJ Hinch brings his kids out with him beautiful. Standing Ovation for him so of course the baseball gods are there, ground ball right Miggy’s way two pitches in and the only batter he was at first base for of course had to grab all the him so storybook ending for him he homered earlier like I said number 511 and I mean on one of the legends of the sport maybe the greatest hitter him and puljos two greatest hitters that I’ve ever seen in my life. 

Triple Crown winner 2012 and oh funny story he played first base with Spencer Torkelson’s glove because I said he hadn’t played first base in two years before that didn’t have a glove so we used Spencer torkelson’s glove and after he signed the glove he wrote Miguel Cabrera Triple Crown champ 2012 MVP 1213 3 000 hits 500 home runs 12 time All-Star 12 like whatever batting champ such an awesome glove now that Spencer torkerson has to have that Maggie made to play with his last play of his career awesome stuff there for Miggy great stuff from the crowd too they love him there of course how can you not love Maggie won a World Series with the Marlins in 2003 when he was a baby. 

Another legend that’s leaving our sport is Joey Votto and he left in not a great not so sweet of a way his last step-bat at Citizens Bank Park in Cincinnati was pretty or not Citizens Bank Park uh Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati was fun but their last game was in St Louis and Joey Votto was actually ejected in the second inning of his last career game potentially so not the ending you’d like to see for Joey Votto um Adam Wainwright another star who’s gone Adam Wainwright actually got to hit in his last at-bat he ended up striking out but he was able to get the at-bat and the night before Bush Stadium had a concert starring out of Wainwright he sold out both stadiums to do a country concert so that’s pretty cool and Zach Greinke had five scoreless innings yesterday against the New York Yankees in his last start of his career and he finishes with 22 strikeouts shy of 3 000 out for the career pretty crazy stuff four Legends of the game leaving and an already Hall of Famer we’ve lost so a lot of Legends leaving the sport of baseball in more ways than one.

For more on the MLB season and some of the greats retiring click the video below!

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