The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 9

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 9

The Bobby Valentine Sport Show: Episode 9

Hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of the Bobby Valentine Sport show. I’m your host Frank Ramppen, and we’re getting into another week of the MLB season. First week of September, and the playoff races are getting absolutely crazy. A lot of crazy stuff happened over the past week. Let’s get into it right now.

So we’ll get into the weekly recap like we always do. And if you didn’t see it, Ronald Acuna Jr. just had one of the most eventful days I’ve seen in the MLB in a very long time, maybe ever.

In the morning, Ronald Acuna Jr. had to get married. He got married to his girlfriend, now his wife. This was because she would have to leave the country at the end of the week for three months because of her visa or whatever she has. So instead of doing that, he was like, “You’re not leaving. We’re gonna get married this week.” So he gets married Friday morning. Friday night, he plays a game at Dodger Stadium and hits a grand slam to become the first player in the history of Major League Baseball to have a 30 home run season and a 60 stolen base season. That was his 30th home run, unbelievable stuff.

Absolutely crushed a grand slam into the pavilion at Dodger Stadium off the Landslane, the MLB’s leader in giving up home runs by the way. And he didn’t even stop there. That was unbelievable. First player ever with 30 homers and 60 stolen bases in a season. And then the next day, he came right back and hit another home run, 121.2 miles an hour off the bat, the hardest hit ball of the season. It got over the fence before the center fielder James Outman could even turn around and look at it. It was unbelievable. The ball literally got, I think, 60 feet off the ground, 121 miles an hour, 450 feet, 440, I believe it was. The guy is a specimen, unbelievable, otherworldly person.

We’re gonna pull this up right here. This is the Grand Slam. So Friday night, he gets married this morning, and he comes up in the top of the second in a tie game, mind you, Lance Lane on the mound, bases loaded, one out, top of the second inning, 1-1 ballgame, and Ronald Acuna Jr., if you’ve watched any Braves baseball this season, this guy has been unreal. Mookie took him over for our MVP front-runner last weekend, but Acuna went to Dodger Stadium and took it right back. And he absolutely launches this baseball into the night at Dodger Stadium. It’s a blast-off, pimp job, grand slam, 5-1 Braves. Peace out. Not even the Dodgers, the red-hot Dodgers could slow down this Braves team. Unbelievable.

And then here’s the 121. This is off of Emmett Sheehan, 3-0 count, by the way, fastball on the outer part of the plate. It’s absolutely a night. James, look at him. He didn’t even have a chance to see that ball get over the fence on a rope into that net they got over the fence in center field. Jesus, Ronald Acuna is an absolute psychopath, absolute psychopath here. I got that, and front runner for MVP, geez, I can’t speak right now. For MVP right back very, very quickly. What a beast.

And so we’re going to talk about our hottest team in the league this week. And last week, it was for two weeks in a row, actually, for basically the entire month of August. It was the Seattle Mariners. They just had their best month in the history of the Seattle Mariners franchise. But they kind of hit some struggles over the past week. They lost a series to the Mets this weekend, which was very weird. The Mets of all teams took the Seattle Mariners off their high horse right now. Very weird.

But, surprise, surprise, the Atlanta Braves are the hottest team in the MLB yet again, and they’re just killing everyone. Like the Dodgers, they just beat them in a series. They almost swept them. They lost yesterday. But I mean, they beat them two out of three. They’re just killing everyone, and they look unstoppable right now.

For more updates on MLB and the hottest teams right now click the video below!

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